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Technology Data

The main performance parameter of membrane switch

1.Electricity performance:

working voltage:≤50VD
Operating current: ≤100mA
Contact resistance:0.5-10Ω
Return route resistance:Generally≤150Ω,specially according to customer request
Switch power :1W
insulated resistance:≥100mΩ
Base material pressure:1500VDC

2.Physical performance :

Service life :1000000times
Touching with joint forces:15—500g
Snapping back time :10s
Closed displacement :0.1—0.4ms(not touching)
0.4—1.0ms(with touching)
The caudal may fold: ≤180°

3.  Environment adaptability:

Operating temperature:-10 ℃ ~70 ℃
Depositing temperature:-40 ℃- 70 ℃
Working humidity:﹤ 95%

4. Machine capability:

External dimensions:400×800MM
Key size:according to customer request
key .spacing :>1.5MM
Line wide:》0.5MM
Resisting vibration:(Reference to MIL-STD-202)

The main performance parameter of soft circuit

1.Electricity performance: 

Working voltage:≤50VDC
Operating current: ≤100mA
Contact resistance:0.5-10Ω
Switch power:0.25—500mV
Insulation resistance:≥100mΩ( 250VDC)
Base material pressure:1500VDC

2. Physical performance:

Service life:>10000000times
Touching with joint forces :20g
Snapping back time :≤5ms
Switch traveling schedule :0.1mm
The caudal may fold:≤ 180°(turn over freely)

3. Environment adaptability: 

Operating temperature:-40 ℃- 30 ℃
Working humidity:﹤ 96% `
Altitude :0~6000m

The main specifications of Conductive rubber products

We can design collocations of different colors and color ranges according to customer request.
Different designs of bounce cliff lead to different tactility.
Main parameter of Silicone Rubber
The bounce range: 30g to 350g.
Travel range: 0.5mm to 4.0mm.
Life-span range: 500 to 20,000(10*3).
Bounce force30% to 60%.
Different conductive surface materials lead to different resistance. Range: 0 to 500ohm.
You can choose many kinds of surface finish: Print silicone oil, inferior silicone oil, PU oil, drop glue, plastic joint, laser, PC joint.
Operation temperature: -40 degree to +150 degree.
Storage temperature: -50 degree to +180 degree.

The main specifications of EL products

operating voltage:DC1.5V-36V
operating power:10mw/cm2
operating temperature:-20℃-50℃
operating frequency:50HZ-6000HZ
operating electricity:0.1mA/cm2
storage humidity:<90%RH
service life:>5000hours

 The main performance parameter of Metal keypads
  • Communication parameters:
    • USB, PS2 and RS232 are all available
    • Any keys can be re-defined per customer’s requirements
  • Mechanical data:
    • Actuation force: 2.0N (pressure point)
    • Key travel: 0.45mm
    • Lettering: laser engraving or raised letters
    • Front panel: brushed stainless steel
    • Actuator/keys materials: stainless steel
  • Electrical data:
    • Switching material: gold-on-gold technology with metal dome PCB
    • Power supply voltage: 5V DC
    • Power consumption: under 300mW for operation and under 200mW for non-operation
    • Electrical lifetime: more than five years
    • EMC: EN55022(B)
  • Working environmental:
    • Operating temperature: -20 to 60°C
    • Storage temperature: -30 to 70°C
    • Operating humidity: 30 to 90%R
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