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IMD(In-Mole Decoratiom)

IMD injection mold decorative inlay technology is the printed film forming, mounted on the injection mold cavity and injection molding die. Injection molding resin in the back of the film combined with the ink layer, the panel illustrations, logos placed in the film and injection molding resin, illustrations, logos or no friction and wear of time. It is based on injection molding, its shape, size can be maintained stable and easy assembly, the IMD technology is often used in the automotive, communications, electronics, electrical appliances, instruments, apparatus, the panel, set decorative and functional in a . Its product characteristics: exquisite decorative illustrations, containing identification, without friction or chemical corrosion disappeared illustrations, logo design and color can be changed at any time, without the need to replace the mold; three-dimensional shape of products, printing Accuracy accurate, error +0.05 mm; to provide illustrations, logos back translucent and high transmittance of the window effect; function keys convex bubble uniform, feel good life up to 1 million times more; three-dimensional changes , the designer of the product design to increase the degree of freedom; composite molding process to achieve a seamless effect. Its application areas: appliance industry: rice cookers, washing machines, microwave ovens, air conditioners, refrigerators and other decorative control panel; electronics industry: Mp3, Mp4, calculator, VCD, DVD, personal digital assistants, digital cameras, etc. Shell surface decoration, color covers and signs;

IMD characteristics

  • scratch resistance, solvent-related, and long service life.
  • good sense of three-dimensional.
  • pictorial clarity.
  • dust, moisture resistance and good.
  • Dimensions design flexibility.

Raw materials

Film: dealt with the high temperature PET
Resin (by injection): PC, ABS, PC + ABS, PMMA, P

Soft circuits
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