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Inspections Machine

Color delta tester( CR-10)
Offer parameter of ⊿E、l、a、b ,can accurately control color difference, contrast to samples and quickly and exactly adjust the match color of printing ink.

Life Cycle Testing
Our life cycle tester allows us to actuate a switch 1,000,000 times in less than a week. Life cycle testing is used to evaluate components and switch designs.

Peel Testing
In-house testing of adhesives allows us to determine the best adhesive for each application.

Environmental Testing
Temperature and Humidity cycling is the best way of predicting long term reliability of switches that will be subjected to harsh operating conditions.

Abrasion Testing
Taber abrasion testing is one of the best ways of quantifying the hardness of printed inks and is a good indicator of durability.

Two dimensions measuring instrument
Exactly measure the length ,width and height ,measure arrange: 300(x)*200(y)(mm); definition 0.001

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