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Membrane Switches


Our membrane switches (tactile and non-tactile) are designed for applications that require a superior level of reliability, incredible resistance and long useful life. Each stage of the manufacturing process is completed with no compromises so as to ensure maximum efficiency and safety. We monitor every minute detail of every aspect of the work, including aesthetic and ergonomic design, leak resistance, scratch and chemical resistance, tactile effect, conductivity and more Materials


Tactile keys

What tactile effect do you need?
Tactile domes produce an audible click when activated. The domes are available in several sizes and activation strengths ranging from 8 to 20 mm and from 225 to 450 g (8 to 16 oz).

Non-tactile keys
Activation on a keypad with no tactile domes is quicker and more sensitive.


Bolin generally uses miniature LEDs with a thickness of 0.020″ for keypads that require indicator lights. They are available in several colours: white, yellow, orange, green, red, etc.


The cable is an extension of the printed circuit and is used to communicate with your device. We offer several types of connectors.

  • Zero insertion force (ZIF) connector
  • Female connector
  • Female connector with latch
  • Male connector
  • Solder connector


Gasket seal
A gasket seal is used to protect the conductors against humidity and splashes. When humidity seeps into an unprotected membrane switch, migration and oxidation of the conductors can occur. Bolin recommends adding a seal as a precaution if there is humidity or liquid present. EMI / RFI / ESD Shielding

  • EMI : Electro-magnetic interference
  • RFI : Radio frequency interference
  • ESD : Electro-static discharge

An aluminum foil shielding is laminated to the circuit to absorb electro-static discharges. The ground can be connected to the switch cable or be separated as a stand-alone cable. If there are transparent windows on your graphic overlay (LCD display for instance), it is possible to use a clear ITO electrical conductive polyester which will provide the same protection as the aluminum shielding.

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