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Quality Education

The management of Bolin believes that training is a competitive advantage. Accordingly, we teach many classes at Bolin to help employees’ skill development. Most months, three or four of these classes are being offered.

Employee Orientation

– A one-session class that introduces new employees to Bolin and our Quality Policy and systems.

Quality Awareness Experience

– A four-session class that teaches employees basic quality improvement skills. Every Bolin employee takes this class during their first year of employment.


Continuous Improvement – A four-session class that focuses on tools for continuous process improvement.


– This ten-session class teaches additional problem solving techniques and details about the 14-step quality improvement process at Bolin. The class is a prerequisite to becoming a member of our quality improvement team.

Statistical Process Control 1

– A ten-session class that teaches basic SPC techniques.

Statistical Process Control 2

– An eight-session class that teaches more advanced SPC.

Cosmetic Inspection

– A four-session class that teaches cosmetic inspection as an objective skill.

Blueprint Reading

– This four-session class teaches the basics of blueprint reading.

Basic Math

– This class is a prerequisite to SPC. Candidates can test out of this class. It lasts several sessions until class members have mastered all of the math skills necessary to learn SPC.

Occupational English

– This class is taught to help non-native English speaking employees prepare for career advancement at Bolin.

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