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Soft circuits


Soft circuits can be developed using polyester or polyimide as the base material, depending on your interface requirements. From simple single layer copper flex on polyester to complex double-sided on polyimide, Bolin Input Components rapidly provides customers with application-specific solutions.

Trace Width

Standard line width-0.25mm, minimum 0.10mm
Standard trace pitch-0.50mm, minimum 0.20mm
Minimum space between-circuits 0.10mm


Tin-lead, nickel, gold

Component Assembly

Connector crimping
Soldering of components

Base Material

Polyimide: standard thickness-1mil 2mil and 1/2 mil available
Polyester: standard thickness-3mil 1mil, 2mil and 5mil available
Conductor: laminated ED copper or RA copper-standard thickness 1 oz (1.4mil/0.035mm) 1/2 oz and 2 oz available
Coverlay: polyimide, polyester or solder mask thickness-1/2 mil, 1mil, 2mil, 3mil or 5mi

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