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Graphic overlay


The graphic overlay indicates the location of the keys and is the esthetic component of the keypad or device. Bolin selects the best inks and most appropriate materials to manufacture them. Graphic overlays, which are particularly necessary for membrane switches, are also useful for instruments with mechanical keys, product identification, labels, and dashboards.

The image is silk screened and placed behind a transparent surface, ensuring permanent identification.


The most widely used materials are polycarbonate and polyester.
Polyester :

  • Highly versatile for embossing
  • Highly resistant to chemicals
  • Better durability
  • For internal and external use

Polycarbonate :

  • Wide range of surface finishes and thicknesses
  • More cost-effective
  • For internal and external us

The material loses its chemical resistance if embossed.

  • Gloss :
    • Is very similar to glass
    • Easy to clean
    • Allows for the use of clear windows
  • Textured :
    • Print and scratch resistant
    • Available in different glosses, from semi-gloss to matte

Available in a variety of finishes (suede, velvet, brushed, etc.)


Graphic overlays can be embossed in order to insert domes (tactile), leave space for mechanical keys and provide tactile indications.

  • Pedestal embossing
  • Rim embossing
  • Pillow embossing
  • Dimple embossing : Braille


Graphic overlays for devices that have a display are equipped with a window. The transparency of the window can vary depending on the materials uses and the specific requirements of your project. Bolin can also print colours and transparent finishes.


The choice of adhesive depends on the surface on which the graphic overlay is bonded. The thickness depends on the texture. Bolin design your graphic overlay for maximum bonding

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